Posting random stuff from my life, tech, Cats, Food, you know the “regular stuff“. Some of the album content:
Sometimes I work from Home, other times the Office & even from Outside!
Recently switched employees to Remote Desktop & testing this approach by Hosting RDP’s On-Site.
Finished my secondary “Home Lab”, built it from Tiny, Mini, Micro PC, call it “Crappy Tiny Lab”, made a Blog Post about it.

There is bunch of other stuff, click on the Album bellow to check it out.

So after installing & reinstalling many online self hosted photo albums, looks like I will be hosting with Lychee. It’s pretty cool & considering it’s totally free, it does have a lot of options / functions, great UI, but I always think there is no such thing as perfect software… However I just remembered I was planning on installing and test driving PhotoPrism, they both were release at almost exact the same time, I think 2018 or 2019 & both crush the competition that have been around for many years, like Zenphoto, iGalerie, Chevereto, Coppermine, Piwigo etc. So I guess will try PhotoPrism soon & will see who’s the true king of “Simple Self-Hosted Photo Album”!

There are many high quality pictures of ThinkPads, you can use them in anyway you like without giving me credit. I specifically took from many different angles & up close so it can be used for reviews, blogs, tech news etc.