Friends / Enemies

foxy (f) [personal blog] – great friend & also my IRCop colleague on Freenode IRC Server. However I lost count of IRC Servers she has a high position on, either Admin of Servers it self or Oper at Top Channels.

ComputerTech [personal projects] – my buddy who has very positive personality. Has higher than average IQ. Likes to interact with people & is a professional collector of good karma points 🙂

4x0nn [hacking, projects, lessons, tech] – self description – Husband, Cyber Defender & Public Interest Technologist. my description – Pure Hackeristic ARTIST, true BSD fanatic who is able to wear many hats, White, Blue & even Red. [Instagram]

Rasa N. [professional blog] – my life long friend & a special person. Kindness, understanding & friendship should be her middle names!

Kulesh [personal project] – My Moscow buddy. Has his own DC HUB, Linux enthusiast, good person! Check his page for public SSH server or even public Linux Remote Desktop!