Fat, lazy European nerd, currently “between the jobs” after McDonalds said I’m not qualified enough… but it’s all for the better since I’m true entrepreneur! Currently have a sweet spot at my moms basement, it’s cozy and rustic so it’s awesome. At last got DSL Internet installed this year after asking for it for like 5 straight Christmas present from my mom. So now rocking speeds around 5Mbps down & 1Mbps up! This way my life on the internet is hella smooth. Also this year got my own DVD player, so if anyone wants to come over to watch a movie we can, only gotta be quiet since my mom doesn’t like when I make too much noise. I can even snatch few cigarettes from my mom, so we can smoke too! If you around Philadelphia I can even pick you up if my mom lets me use her van, just gonna need to chip in for the gas money, she always gets pissed about me using her van and never adding gas. So yeah hit me up!

Yours Truly, Nerd Neo!