Here will post my picks for useful links various Tech sites / Blogs / Software Downloads / etc. [At the bottom of this page you can enter & submit your own pick, which I most likely post it on this list! To feature your own website go to Friends & submit it there.

MUO – [Make Use Of] one of the largest online technology publications, it will be really hard to leave it & it’s definitely a Bookmark worth site! (DIY, News, Best Picks, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, ChatGPT & much more)

DCD – [Data Center Dynamics] All the News & other info on digital infrastructure, they collaborate with and connect the most important stakeholders in the global technology and services supply chain, curating and creating always-on content that really matters since 1998.

THN – [The Hacker News] One of top and reliable source for the latest updates in cybersecurity. This is great for regular users & professionals, they post everyday & have a good footprint & reputation on the web.

STH – [Serve The Homefor more advanced tech users] specializes in the latest news, articles and reviews of server, storage and networking products as well as open source software running on them (Some reviews they post is not only latest & greatest, but also best deals on a budget)

Glitch – [Glitch.News] another great independent news alerts on AI, natural cures, food lab tests, cannabis medicine, science, robotics, drones, privacy and more.

LaptopMag – [] friendly, neighborhood geeks, excited to tell you about the latest and greatest happenings in mobile tech, decipher all the tech jargon so you can make an informed decision on your next gadget purchase.

CW – [ComputerWorld] – They explore today’s abundantly powerful web, mobile, and desktop applications. It’s great for enterprise users & their managers, however regular users will find bunch of interesting useful info. They also have great sales on various things/services.


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