Another pointless Internet Scrap that is located somewhere on the server that needs power, which puts out heat, which means this site in a way is causing global warming… One way or another it’s adding to the pollution and yet it’s has no purpose. So yeah, I’m helping in killing the planet for no reason whatsoever.
You also joined me in this terrible act, by visiting this site, you made the system pull more resources, which made more heat, more pollution. Shame on you!

If you foolish enough to keep reading (but way smarter than me, since I created this BS…) so let me tell you what you can expect to find here.

Besides me making posts about my self, I guess that’s why it’s called blog, I post a bit about tech / software reviews, some simple lessons with different programs (Windows & Linux), de-bloating & tweaking Windows OS, so it runs faster & Microsoft keep less track of you.

I do run multiple websites, so this won’t be my daily priority & something I will update very slowly.

Also you should expect typos, so don’t judge, my usual excuse is that I’m a polyglot 🙂.