ONLINE IRC Client, connect & chat with people.

Nick – this is the name that you will appear as.
Channel – the IRC channel that you will join automatically

  • After connecting you can immediately start chatting since you automatically joined one #Freenode channel.
  • You can use the following & most common IRC commands:
    To join a different chat channel type /join #channel-name (ex “/join #Google”).You can simultaneously be on multiple channels at once.
  • To change your nick, type /nick New-Nick (ex “/nick Nerd”)
  • If you want to see all the people currently in the specific chatroom, press the middle of the three icons (pictured below). They are located on the Top Right of the chat.
  • After the full list of names opens up, just double click on any name you want to chat with & a new window will appear, messages there will only be visible to you & that other person.
  • If you want to register the nickname you using now, type /msg NickServ REGISTER password email , provide real email address, since you will receive a confirmation code which you will enter in the chat.