My crappy, noobish “Tinylab”

Here is my recent little project called “Tiny Lab” (apart from my Main Home Lab). An idea born from looking at the empty shelf :). Not so long ago i bought 2 Lenovo ThinkCentre M70q Gen2 Tiny PC’s & had 6 HP ProDesk 600 G2 Micro PC’s laying around for very long time, so I thought why not just put them to some kind of use instead of just sitting & collecting dust.

One of ThinkCentres is being used as my desktop, since I was never a gamer this works for me really well. Overall I love these little PC’s, they also called 1 liter computers. Lenovo, DELL & HP all make them, called Tiny, Micro, Mini. Considering their size some models are real powerhorses. Mine are average. Here are the specs:

ThinkCentre M70q Gen2 Tiny: i5-10400T, 32GB RAM, 500GB nVME + 1TB SSD, both have exact same configuration.

The HP Minis are old & really low spec, I guess that’s why they been laying around for son long without any purpose.

HP ProDesk 600 G2 Minis: i3-6100T, 12GB RAM, 500GB SSD. All have the same configuration.

I actually do have few of these HP’s attached to few TVs around the house, but had 4 left dusting.

I also dig out my old ass Lenovo Twist Touchscreen (Laptop/Tablet) which haven’t been used in years & came up with some ideas how I can make some use out of it. So now it hides the TinyLab when screen is down & running terminals with hardware monitors 24/7 (vtop – I have install instructions posted here) which are connected to my proxmox & VPS’s,this way I can just glance at it real quick & know the current state of servers (CPU, RAM & largest processes). This shelf is located right next to my desk on the left side, so I can see it clearly. Whenever I need to a access the “TinyLab” physically I just move the screen up.

Lenovo Twist: i7-3517U, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD. (Touch screen)

I know the setup looks a bit “ghetto” . I had few USB fans laying around so I just added 4 for now to make air circulation better. Right now I’m Planning on having 2 ThinkCentres & 3 HP ProDesks.

ProDesks have Proxmox Cluster setup & running few VMs & Containers. One ThinkCentre like I mentioned is my main PC & second one is dedicated to PLEX, Blue Iris & qBittorrent. Yes I know & I was running all of them on proxmox VMs, but I like to tinker too much & brake something very often, so just letting these few apps have their own dedicated hardware. Blue Iris is a very powerful Security Camera Recording Software, It’s currently recording my Home & Office Cameras.

Also attached to “TinyLab” 2 External HDDs: 4TB (My PC Backups) & 10TB (PLEX Data)

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