XEON Security

This is a quick preview example of cameras that are being installed by XEON Security.
However, the main services provided are way more than the powerful cameras.
Some of the examples of some of the features XEON Security benefits:
– When someone steps on your property (property area a set in the software), the camera immediately zooms in, takes & saves a face picture & than follows the person (software able to recognize humans, animals, etc).
– Has a facial recognition, so that you can be alerted when the person on your property is not your family member or neighbor.
– Does human count on selected areas & provide statistics.
– Able to take pictures of license plates from moving vehicles, saves to Data Base. Separate folder for license plates that does belong to neighborhood (been seen many times), the ones that haven’t been seen within past 30,60 days or ever.
– Able to recognize make, model & color of the vehicle.

There is much more that will be listed on the company websites when it will be released after being upgraded. Below is the video of zoom / quality of one of the cameras

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