Added a Forum page. Not sure why I needing it, but I think I will post interesting News articles. Also implemented and configured so it would match the blog it self, simple, clean & not be another page with a Forum such as phpBB myBB etc.

– Added application page for Free Hosting account request.

– Added new sub-category under IRC CHAT called “Freenode Info“. There you can find information about Freenode IRC server, the Staff, Helpers list & their details. The channels & their purpose. You can also request for your channel to be added by contacting me.

– Officially released EXorg.net (small, clean, fast & private Social Media site). Click here to read the story why it was created. Also added more domains that is being forwarded to the site, such as: EXoorg.org & EXnetwork.net.

– Made end of the month backups, extra copy of the blog. Updates to all plugins. Added a new person to Friends page. (Happy Halloween!)

– Added more information in FREEBIES, regarding Web Hosting & Domains. Listed some of the available domains to go with the hosting.
– Changed hosting disk space from 500MB to 2GB.
– Added 5 extra domains: ubuntu.cam, VMware.cam, VMware.ink, VMware.fun, proxmox.shop

– Changed the main background color from black to dark grey, had to make changed to images to match it. Also started this page (Updates).
– Made some fixes & updates to IRC Chat, TheLounge, Terminal Monitors.

– Added information to front page of XEON.LT letting visitors know, that xeon.lt even though owned by xeonsecurity.com does not have to do and should not be associated by it or used to contact.

– Added new link (4x0nn) to Friends List.

– Since I own quite a bit of domain names & some are for sale, changed info on Contact Form letting visitors know it can be used to contact for domain name sales. Also stated that it should not be used to get in touch regarding “XEON Security”