The Lounge (IRC)

The Lounge in my opinion is a winner between all of IRC Bouncers. It’s very similar to IRCcloud, but better. I posted more in depth information about it here, and below is a very simple installation.

Lets update & upgrade like always

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Check if you have nodejs by typing “nodejs -v”, even if you do it’s best to have newest version and if you don’t just use next command to install it:

sudo apt install nodejs


sudo apt install ./thelounge_4.4.1_all.deb

(if you got any error after previous command, don’t worry, everything is working fine & just continue)

sudo systemctl status thelounge

(if the space where to type commands doesn’t appear & stuck saying “lines 1-*” just press CTRL + C)

Now add the username you will be using for online login, it’s not gonna be your nick name or visible to anybody

sudo -u thelounge thelounge add “USERNAME

After you enter user name, it will ask for password, enter it & press enter, also press enter again to next option which is maker (yes)

That’s it, now open your broswer and enter the “http://SERVER-IP:9000/” (it’s http NOT https), where SERVER-IP is the IP of your shell, VPS etc.