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If you didn’t notice, there is “Installs Page“, where you can find useful Apps for Windows & Linux. The reason for making it, because Friends & People Online would ask how to Install this or that. so I decided to dedicate a page with most frequently asked Installs. And some are the ones that I consider great & useful. The instruction are simple & nothing I add is complicated, so beginners & noobs like me would easily understand it, since sometimes the instructions on developers pages are kind of complicated. Hope some folks will find it useful! As of this post there is instruction for Installing things such as Kasm Workspaces, ZNC, Linux Terminal Monitoring & some other Linux Simple Tools… I will try to add more once in a while & if you have particular request to simplify install instruction for something let me know by contacting me in “Contact” page!

FIRST Surgery Completed

First Spine Surgery / Fusion

(overdue post!!!) So I realized I have wrote a draft for the blog after my first surgery was done, but never posted it was just sitting there in the Microsoft Word file. So even know it’s wayyy too late and I’m already scheduled for the second one in few weeks I still decided to post it, here is the original post:

So after many years of waiting, few years of going thru hell it’s done. At last I had the surgery!
I consider this step one of the biggest in my life, because prior to surgery, my back (spine) problems has literally ruined a lot of things in my life, ruined me financially, caused huge issues with my marriage, dragged me thru hell emotionally.
I lost so much to it, that I look at these few years with fear… I’m not going to get into it too deep, but some people knows about pain killers and what they might cause after long term use.
However, now is a time for new chapter, which in no way will be easy, but it’s HAS to be done in order to get back to “normal” again.
Even before the surgery, my surgeon seen many MRI’s, CAT scans, CT scan etc of mine (of course) and new the issue I have is bad. The surgery was estimated to last 3-4 hours, however after I was cut open, they realized it’s worse than they thought, so it took “a little extra”, 8 hours.
But it went all good, the recovery still going (it’s been almost 3 weeks), still using the cane.

Comcast & Verizon Business (Dial-up Speeds)

So the other day I randomly called Comcast Business to see how much we currently paying for services & thought checking out Verizon & their current offers, maybe I should switch.
Comcast Business Customer Portal doesn’t have an option to see how much you currently paying, they do list the services/packages you have. We have “paperless billing” with auto-pay.
So after calling it took quite some time to figure out how much we paying for each service, since the reps English was so broken, I had ask him to repeat each answer 3-5 times.
Turns out we pay as follows:
Internet: (200Mbps down / 20Mbps up) – $120
Voice (Phone): 2 lines $15 + $5 Voice Mail
TV: $30 + $10 Cable Box
Router/Gateway that serves both Internet & Voice: $19

plus: Fees & Taxes
Total comes to: $236

Even know it’s for a business & not residential I still think it’s a bit much, specially when we don’t use Voice (we have VoIP provider) & we don’t even have a TV. so 2 services completely pointless for us.

After talking to Comcast I went to talk to Verizon & see what they currently offering & that’s the funniest part…
The Agent (chat) informed me they don’t have FioS in my area & was happy to offer different speed package…
a DSL with whopping MAX Speeds of 3Mbps down & 384Kbps up! Yes, in 2021 Verizon offer these speeds to business clients that most of the time have multiple people on computers doing tasks all day.
So if I convert to MB/s the MAX speeds you would get is 0.37 MB/s down & 0.047 MB/s Up.
Annnnd, this supersonic speeds comes at the great price of $52.99+TAX per month / $149.99 for router & $149.99 ACTIVATION LOL, so with fees & taxes first bill would be over $400!

Tails Linux – Tor Speeds & IP Locations

Tails Linux – Tor Speeds & IP Locations

So if you familiar with Tails Linux, you know that incoming or outgoing connections go thru Tor, since Tails main purpose is anonymity & privacy. We all know going thru Tor is never blazing fast, it’s rather extremely slow at times. This is due to going thru different locations, overload, distance, power of host etc.
For few days just out of curiosity I recorded the speeds and IP locations of the Tor connections. I even learned about the country I have never heard about called Seychelles (East Africa), which is extremely tiny, just 459 km2 (285 miles) which makes it way smaller than New York city & population of just 98,462! (2020 estimate) which is 90 times less than New York city. So it was very surprising that Tor would “pass” me thru such country!

Below you will find the info of random connections:
Time, IP, Country, Host & Speed. Speed is in Mbps & goes as Download / Upload

(I don’t want to post this info in plain text for search bots, google or any other info gathering BS to pick it up, so instead will be as screenshots)

A few MUST steps after installing Windows 10

I Install / Reinstall Windows very frequently & thought would share the 2 steps I take every time to make fresh copy of Windows work way faster by disabling lots of bloatware that the new installs come with.
First thing is to download & install “OOSU10.exe“, its a Free anti-spy tool for Windows 10. This software is an absolute MUST, it has a huge selection of options to disable Microsoft from tracking you, learning about you and much more. Windows (Microsoft) even tracks your typing pattern (like Google) and sends that info back (Of course). Even if you are across the world on someone else’s computer, not logged in to any account, they can still know it’s you by knowing the way you type, it’s like a finger print, every typing style is unique.

If you too lazy or not sure about which options to disable just go to Actions & choose Apply only recommended settings, however don’t be afraid to choose “Recommended and somewhat recommended settings“. Now apply and choose to save, it will suggest to make a restore point which is always a good idea, do that and reboot the windows to take effect. Don’t forget after anytime you run Windows Update you will have to open OOSU10 again, it will say “Revert to previous settings” since Microsoft doesn’t like not be able to collect as much info as possible about you and will enable tracking when updating again.
-> Download it here:

This next step is not necessary, but it’s very easy as well.
Click Start, type “PowerShell” left click on it and choose to Run it as Administrator. The command line window will open, now copy the text below, paste and hit enter:
iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’))
A new panel with options will open. There is many options you can choose, however I always choose at least 2. Uninstalling “Cortana” & “OneDrive” (if you don’t use it). Cortana is a pain to completely disable (uninstall) so this way could not be easier. After pressing any of those options give it time time to complete the task, a little message should pop to let you know it’s done.

Always check for new updated version at the creators website , it was coded by a guy named Chris Titus who also has an amazing YouTube channel which you should subscribe to, it has lots of useful tips & tricks not only for Windows, but also Linux.

And that would be all, just a few little simple steps to make Windows much faster and safer. I will also make a post about what steps to take after installing Mozilla Firefox, which privacy setting to disable & which addons should be a must for any user.

Reason for starting nonsense blog

[original date of this post was April 15th]

I’m a person who would never start a blog if it wasn’t for the reasons I just did. I’m just terrible at it and see no point of starting something you know you are not good at and don’t have so much passion for it.

However, due to my health I thought this would take my mind of current / past or even future stuff. I’m expecting a spinal surgery soon, which will be “pretty complicated” lightly said. They will have to open my stomach, move organs aside to get to the spine and fix 2-3 of my discs and same from the back with 8 inch incision. Due to my health as is I’m expecting a pretty long recovery / rehab which will be spent mostly in bed. So aside from learning, reading, creating stuff etc. I thought something new such a blog would be a good idea as well. So here we are…

In real life I’m an IT person, who is passionate about most tech things, have few servers at home running Proxmox, VMware, Windows Server etc. UniFi16 PoE serves as my switch and UniFi UDM Pro as my router / firewall / controller. As most UniFi users, once you try them there is no way back. Also have few awesome PTZ PoE Outdoor cameras (which definitely gonna write about) and I have a huge obsession with ThinkPads (IBM / Lenovo). Have a pretty decent collection, around 20 of them, with most in fully working condition. They date all the way back to 1994 release. Currently main one is ThinkPad X390 which I custom ordered from Lenovo and was one of the first people to own one.

Vertiv Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS

When it comes to UPS systems, the latest models using lithium-ion batteries are on fire. Wait. Not literally on fire, I mean they are really hot right now. No. Not hot, hot. Like explosive. Wait. I mean … never mind.

Exploding lithium-ion battery puns aside, UPS makers are releasing new generations of products that use lithium-ion batteries in favor of the stalwart VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) battery. Without getting into a deep discussion on the pros and cons of battery chemistries, the short of it is that lithium-ion batteries offer some compelling improvements in weight, power, recovery, and service life of a UPS. Cost has been a huge factor in limiting the commercial viability of lithium-ion-based UPS models, but prices have dropped considerably in the last few years. And while these UPSs may still cost more up front, the total cost over time will be the same or less.

So what does one of the newest UPS models running lithium-ion batteries look like, and how does it perform? To answer that question, we turn to Vertiv and its Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS.

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Second Post To Test The Theme

Included among them are a set of 14-inch convertibles powered by latest-generation processors from AMD and Intel. The Inspiron 14 7415 2-in-1 comes either with a six-core AMD Ryzen 5 5500U or an eight-core Ryzen 5 5700U CPU, plus AMD Radeon graphics, up to 16 GB of memory, and up to a 2 TB PCIe NVMe solid-state drive. The new device features a 1920 x 1080 FHD touchscreen display and has a 3.43 lbs. starting weight.

Its companion device, the Inspiron 14 5410 2-in-1, comes with 11th Gen Intel Core processors, up to 16 GB of DDR4 memory, and up to a 2 TB PCIe NVMe solid-state drive. It too features a 1920 x 1080 FHD touchscreen display but has a slightly lighter 3.31 lbs. starting weight and Intel UHD, Intel Xe, or NVIDIA GeForce MX350 graphics.

Adoption of 2-in-1 PCs has climbed in the last year as users combining work and leisure on the same device have sought out multi-use form factors, according to Kevin Terwilliger, vice president and general manager of Dell’s Inspiron and Vostro PC lines.