A geeky, simple Social Media Site?

– I stopped using Facebook now for quite some time, I haven’t made a post in over 5 years. The only useful thing for me there is a Market Place, since it killed Craigs List. Facebook feels way over bloated, there is too much of everything even the people on the friend list are posting nothing you want to see, either they trying to show off something or promoting something to have a gain. I kinda missed the old Facebook, the simple, light & easy to use, the time we still were able to “poke” people.
Twitter on the other hand got way better after Elon took over, in this year alone I made way more post than thru the whole time I had it, and I created account almost 15 years ago! But I follow & post sstuff that is happening in the world, twitter is not a thing for friends, it’s more of almost real time news gathering of what’s going on, it’s great for businesses to interact with their customers.
– There was this startup, not sure if you remember it, called Orkut, it was a social media created by one of Google employees & I really liked it! It was exactly what I wanted, however it closed, since Facebook was on the rise at the moment & it killed off any Social Media startups out there. Of course if Orkut was still alive, I bet it would of become over bloated as well, specially being created by Google guy.
– So… After years of not having a humble, simple, fast & non-commercial social media platform, I thought why not start one. Where people can interact, have groups for specific topics, discuss things, where anybody with any interests could be using & enjoying it. A very simple, not bloated & not personal information stealing company. So I though let me open one up & invite people I interact with online, in my life or on IRC. IRC is amazing, but it’s it’s more like messaging & you can’t come back & continue the topic.
– So here we are, I opened 2 of them! lol Just to try out different platforms. You can create “Spaces” for you interest, lets say “Dream Meaning” & have people join, have discussions regarding this specific topic. You can join or create support “Spaces” for anything out there, from Tech, to carpeting to school work. Also have general “Space” for chatting, or meeting someone, make friends! Have a built in messaging platform, able to post links, pictures. Have a Poll for users to vote & even have a video call feature (one on one or group) with help of Jitsi! Your information is not being stored & sold for profit, there is no censorship, and your true right to the Freedom Of Speech exist! Also, a very light site, which loads fast & of course to be able to access it via mobile device.
– If that’s something you think you might like, please stop by & take a look at exorg.net – a simple, short domain. (it also can be accessed via EXorg.org, EXnetwork.net) Not sure what it stands for, but I think “EXORGExcommunicado Organization Network” sounds just perfect lol.
– So go ahead, take a look, have a feel, make a post, create a group & let me know what you think, I would really appreciate that A LOT!

Thank You!
Dany Gran.

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